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 YOU'RE AN FCD SUPPORTER... how do you measure up?

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The Inferno


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PostSubject: YOU'RE AN FCD SUPPORTER... how do you measure up?   8/6/2011, 1:30 am

A lot of people call themselves Supporters. However, what really is a supporter?

A Supporter believes in team beyond everything
A Supporter sings along with the songs
A Supporter chants most of the game
A Supporter stands on his feet
A Supporter waves scarves and flags
A Supporter makes banners
A Supporter is loud & passionate to give FCD an advantage
A Supporter plays an active part in the game
A Supporter is hated by the opposing team and probably the referee
A Supporter is beyond a doubt, the most misunderstood person inside PHP
A Supporter is NEEDED, and their energy is harnessed to motivate FCD to succeed!

The Inferno needs your help. We cannot go it alone. We appreciate the vocal support we have had from FCDRUNK in the beer garden and some other small areas of PHP and now want YOU to join in with us.

Learn a chant or two, and join in with us.

Come over to our section and LIVE THE GAME as opposed to watching it!

I dare you... I dare you to take the next step... become a Supporter! Become Inferno!
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YOU'RE AN FCD SUPPORTER... how do you measure up?
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