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 Letter to the Dallas Morning News

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PostSubject: Letter to the Dallas Morning News   9/3/2012, 8:29 am

Thought I'd share the following which I sent tothe sports editor ...

Dear Sirs
Notwithstanding the fact that you do give a reasonable amount of column inches to FC Dallas within your pages, I continue to be disappointed at the "also-ran" status you accord MLS soccer and soccer in general.
As you are aware, Dallas is home to one of only 19 full-time professional soccer sides in the US and as such, I feel FC Dallas should be accorded as much headline status as Cowboys, Mavericks, Rangers and Stars, not least on your website, where each of the other four has its own dedicated section on the sport info bar.
MLS attendances beat out those of both hockey and basketball and, I would argue, would climb much higher with proper promotion. As we know, fame and interest is to a considerable extent a publicity-generated phenomenon ... you only have to look at the public response to reality TV shows, driven by wall-to-wall ratings boosting "stories" packed into Z-list magazines and pre-show trailers.
If soccer was given the same hyped-up profile of the other "traditional" American sports, the interest of the public would grow right along with it.
Where this profile is to the fore ... in LA, Seattle and Portland for example ... we see fan excitement whipped up to levels every bit as impressive as any big football game.
That would mean more people visiting your website and more people buying your newspapers ... a win-win situation for your business and your advertisers as well as for the MLS.
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PostSubject: Re: Letter to the Dallas Morning News   9/4/2012, 1:03 am

You might also explain the FIFA world football structure that recognizes MLS as a top league within CONCACAF, and why the Superbowl will never be anything more than a passing interest to the rest of the planet. They play for the true world championship of football.

"An entire world at war and I'm left out of it? God will not permit this to happen!"

George C. Scott as Patton.
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Letter to the Dallas Morning News
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