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 Baldomero Toledo

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PostSubject: Baldomero Toledo   Baldomero Toledo Empty4/14/2013, 5:43 pm

Alfredo Cuvi:

"Baldomero Toldeo is not a referee I am particularly fond of, and tonight is a good example as to why. Marcelo Sarvas' thuggish behavior earned him five fouls before the first half. Five fouls. He escaped with "warnings" each time he transgressed, and one particular tackle on Ferreira was very reckless and should easily have been a straight yellow card, independent of prior fouls. Toledo's warnings had all the effectiveness of a strongly worded letter to North Korea, which is to say none at all."

I have my own thoughts on Baldy's refereeing: It don't hurt so much when you win, now do it?

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Baldomero Toledo
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